Runway Grooving

Airports around the world are experiencing an increase in airtraffic making landings an obvious focus for safety improvements. Since the 1960s grooving of runways and high-speed taxiways is one way that airports have aimed to improve safety in their key heavy-traffic areas.

On a wet, grooved runway aircraft stopping-distance is decreased by 35%. Runway grooving is an obvious consideration when making safety improvements at any airport. Grooving consists of diamond-cutting small grooves into the existing runway surface. Just 6mm deep by 6mm wide, with a spacing of 38mm centre to centre, this method greatly reduces hydroplaning on landings and take-offs.

In addition to the safety benefits, grooving can reduce issues of liability for the airport and has demonstrated cost savings. Application of de-icing materials will be reduced once a runway is grooved.


Pavement Marking

There are diverse applications for our pavement marking machines. Airports, highways and bike lanes benefit from this application. We also offer recessed reflectors and inlaid markings. In addition we remove old markings and repair or resurface areas prior to painting.


Saw Cutting

Road/Airport saw division that require high production saw work when time is a crucial factor.

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Shot Blasting

Shot blast unit for pavement marking removal, rubber removal on runways, concrete curing, compound removal and profiling on roads, airports, bridge decks and parkades.
Full vacuum recovery system that contains all silica dust generated.
Unit meets and exceeds the Tier 3 regulations.

Traffic Control

Now offering full road and highway traffic control services for our projects as well as contracting out to other contractors requiring our services.
Headed up by our operations foreman Clayton Beddington.


Specialty Services

As well as runway grooving our equipment can be used for a range of other specialty services including:


Bring back friction ratings to weathered surfaces



Corrective or bump grinding,improve surfaces



Joint rehab work, self-contained unit which aids cable laying, or asphalt laying (highway or airport)


Edge Markings

Airports, non-wired reflectors toTransport Canada Standards