Under the direction of CEO Ian Kjargaard, we have always kept up to date with new requirements and specifications from the airport industry, meeting industry targets regulated by the Canadian Ministry of Highways. We understand and apply national and international specifications and qualifications. The company offers a diverse service range: from painting, thermoplastic, hydro-blasting, inlaid specialty markings (MMA) to recessed reflectors and runway edge markers.

Anticipating the growth in air traffic and airport taxiway demand Dan-Mark has focused on safely meeting needs in that field while recognizing that increased air traffic has reduced runway maintenance windows. Each team is project-specific and selected for their skills.



At Dan-Mark we use heavy-duty equipment built especially for the rigours of projects with tight timelines. The machines are highly maintained and job-specific. A significant consideration for high-use areas are machines that can be removed easily and quickly from the runway for operational or emergency reasons. We recognize the need for immediate removal and can meet any concerns about emergency access. The machines are portable with smaller, highly-mobile units available, ensuring quality workmanshipin any location.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do runway grooves become hazardous when ice forms?

A: Concern about the impact of ice to a grooved runway turns out to be based on a myth. In fact, when ice forms in the grooves, expansion does not affect the edges of the pavement, as the ice will simply expand upward. In addition, the equal force of ice within each groove would prevent any chance of concrete erosion or spalling.

Q: Are there any cost savings associated with runway grooving?

A: Along with the reduction in hydroplaning, there is also the benefit of reducing re-application of de-icer on the runway. With a grooved runway/taxiway the de-icing materials stay in the grooves for twice as long, as they are not easily washed or blown away, leading to great operational cost savings.

Q: Is there a problem with dirt clogging up the runway grooves?

A: There is no evidence to suggest this is a problem. As with all runways, periodic rubber removal is necessary.

Q: Do you hire local labour to complete jobs?

A: Our company believes in partnering with local work forces as well as airport operations to reduce costs and support the local economy.